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This Czech clothing brand offers unique pieces that stand out not only for their aesthetics but also for the stories they tell.

Eiri is a brand for those who appreciate timeless pieces, quality, and have an interest in clothing that resonates with their personality. Eiri creations are based on precision, simplicity, but also experimentation. Just like the Japanese word "eiri," which means sharp, crystal and forever, this brand focuses on timeless minimalism and sculptural silhouettes. The characteristic black color and intriguing material structures add poetry, mystery, and tension to the garments.

The brand Eiri was founded in 2013 by designer Klára Holanová, who wanted to express herself and subtly provoke her surroundings through clothing. She says about her work: "In fashion design, I'm most interested in the interaction between clothing and its owner. You create a piece that reflects specific time and circumstances, and you wait for someone to wear it and feel good in it. Sometimes it resonates loudly in the surroundings, and sometimes only quietly."

Eiri emphasizes local production, and all stages, from design to manufacturing each garment, take place in the Czech Republic. The materials used, which are crucial to the brand, mainly come from Japan, as well as from Italy and the Czech Republic.

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